Aviva Development Zone

RWA has been working with Aviva since 2010, and in 2015 we relaunched the Aviva Development Zone e-learning platform on our OBELISK platform and took over the day to day running of the service. The Aviva Development Zone looks after 1,000s of insurance brokers and has been so successful that we have seen a 280% increase in platform usage in the first 6 months of 2015. 


We are now launching a new business skills platform with Aviva that will see us develop a global online learning and assessment platform for all businesses and individuals.


"Our brokers are saying great things about the system and usage stats for both site visits and completed learning tasks support this. They love how the system provides a breadth of features, yet still maintains a simplicity and relevance to their needs." John Nutter, L&D Manager, Aviva


For more information, please visit the MyDevelopment.Zone website.