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RWA e-Learning passed the landmark figure of issuing over 50,000 Open Badge rewards in 2016 and we are still going strong. 


Open Badges is a relatively new online standard developed by Mozilla which is designed to recognise and verify learning and skills, much like the badges we received when we were younger for swimming or in the scouts. Contributors to the project have included NASA, Disney and The Smithsonian.


RWA are a listed issuer of Open Badges and through our platforms we can now issue badges to users who complete certain learning and competence tasks, which are verified by our e-learning technology.


So what does this mean?


The idea behind Open Badges is that a learner can accumulate them from a variety of sources and store them in a ‘backpack’ as a means to showcase the skills they have either on social networking platforms, CVs, websites or blogs. The following diagram highlights this well:


RWA e-Learning Open Badges Backpacks


Individuals need to sign up for a free Mozilla Backpack and this allows them to store any badges they receive in a secure place and create ‘collections’ for show later on. Open Badges are not just icons, they contain meta data to verify what the user got it for, who issued the badge and when it expires.


Once you have a badge you can display it on your social networks, websites, blogs and CVs or show them to your Supervisor at your appraisal. As a firm they would be excellent to promote to your clients that you take training and competence seriously by using one of our e-learning platforms and to promote why that should make you a better choice of supplier.


We live in an age where interest-driven learning and mastery are at the forefront of personal and professional development, which means that more so than ever staff are looking to better themselves and learn new skills. Badges can be used as a roadmap to aid learners and give them direction for finding further learning and knowledge gaps.


What makes RWA e-learning stand out from other assessment platforms is that the RWA team aim to promote an online environment for users who are motivated to undertake regular monthly assessments and learning. The team are continuously working on new content, setting up new assessments, and investing their time and skills into developing the technology behind it.


Our vision is to have every user of our platforms logging in at least once a month to undertake a gap analysis assessment and to engage with the learning experience as part of their professional development. In return for that commitment we will reward those who do take their T&C and compliance seriously with the recognition that they are doing a good job.


For badges to work properly there needs to success criteria or pre-defined assessment exercises. This is why it is ideal for a platform like RWA’s where assessment is core to its delivery. Our unique benchmarking facility allows us to measure the norms and assign badges based on the information we collect.


The more badges that we can issue for good technical knowledge assessed through gap analysis, the higher the standards of professional knowledge will become, which can only be good for the customer and the industry as a whole.



RWA CEO, Tom Wood, has written a report about our work with Open Badges having reached the 50,000 badges issued benchmark. This free report includes feedback and testimonials from learners and supervisors, please click the following report image to download your copy.


If you would like help implementing Open Badges in your organisation or would be interested in having RWA build you a low cost badge issuing platform, then please do contact us.

50000 Open Badges in 18 Months