HTML5 ‘app’ is available containing basic features to allow use of widest range of mobile devices with smaller displays to access the site.  The main site is also HTML5 based and uses responsive design to adapt content to display sizes, and has a touch and tablet friendly design supporting iPads, Tablets, Touchscreen as well as traditional desktop devices.  We spend a lot of time working on our platform code, optimising it to ensure the best performance with the lowest download times and improve the user experience (August 2015 rated A/A by metrics).

We understand that you won’t always be sitting at your desk when you want to use our platforms, which is why we’ve developed features like questions by email, and automated email reports to try and help you.  We’ve also worked hard to ensure that our platforms work on the widest range of devices possible, and are highly optimised, reducing the amount of data being transferred and improving the page load times (and saving your mobile data allowance!).