News Tickers & Banners

Ticker style news feed on the home page (when logged in) shows latest news from the your blogs, as well as system status information (e.g. warnings of upgrades etc). This balance of content may be changed in the future, and can be changed for custom platforms.

Banners on the login page are chosen randomly when the page is loaded from a selection, currently including User of the Month winners, Course of the Month information, and LinkedIn/Twitter information.  These can be expanded to include other content on custom platforms.

We believe in rewarding learners for success and challenging users to try new things.  That’s why we recommend a course of the month each month, focussing on a topic relevant to what’s happening in the industry at the moment.  We also pick a user of the month and celebrate their achievements by issuing a User of the Month badge, and by highlighting their success on the site login page.