CPD Record

Allows users to record activity undertaken on the platform (automatically filled in by the system), and add reflective statement (to allow it to count as CPD).  Users can record CPD undertaken elsewhere and plan activities for the future using our simplified interface, enabling them to concentrate on the key aspects of the information being entered.  CPD Gauge available on all pages to show hrs completed, hrs needing reflection, hrs required.  Users can upload a single attachment to CPD entries to store supporting documents such as course certificates for future reference.

The CPD recording feature has been designed to make it as easy as possible for users to focus on the key points that need to be recorded, with an emphasis on why they are undertaking the activity, and how it is useful to them/will affect their work in future.  By using the CPD gauge, it is easy to track progress during the year, and the CPD record highlights any activities that are missing reflective statements, helping to ensure that users complete a full CPD record every year.