Notifications & Icons

An on-screen notification icon (bell) with visual indication of the number of new/unread items – automatically generated when changes made to T&C plan, when items need attention, when badges are awarded etc.

A T&C icon with visual indication of number of courses/activities remaining, also allowing access to CPD Gauge on any page.

A Calendar icon to highlight upcoming deadlines/planned CPD activities

Customisable settings allow you to receive a ‘digest’ containing all unread notifications – setting is a maximum frequency, and email only gets sent when user is not logged in to the platform.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of what is important.  Our platforms are intended to allow you to focus on the learning that you want and need to complete.  That’s why the notification bar is tucked away on the left of the screen, and only changes when something important needs your attention.  It provides you with quick access to some key information about your performance without interfering with your learning.  We also understand that sometimes there will be periods when you won’t log in to the platform – that’s why we let you choose to receive notifications by email as well, ensuring that you don’t miss out on key updates and information.