Password Reset

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to log on to a platform when you finally get a gap in your day, then realising that you’ve forgotten your password.  All of our platforms have a simple, automated password reset option based on confirming your email address – once you’ve confirmed you’re address, a password reset is automatically sent to you – within seconds you’ll be able to choose a new password and get learning!

Sometimes it can be daunting to log in to a platform on a regular basis and undertake an assessment in one sitting.  Some people prefer to do “a little and often” instead.  This feature allows you to respond to questions on a regular basis without needing to do anything other than select your answer(s) and click “send” – helping to take the stress out of assessment.  It’s also a great way for supervisors to engage with reluctant users of the OBELISK, giving them a way of introducing people to the system gently.