Questions By Email

Users can opt-in to receiving monthly assessments via email.  They can choose any (or all) of the monthly assessments to be included.  The system splits the questions evenly over the working days in the month (M-F), and allows the user to choose a preferred time to receive the questions.  One assessment will typical generate one question per day for a month, more assessments will use all working days, and will send multiple questions in some/all emails.

Questions are sent via HTML emails, and do not require the user to login to respond.  The user simply selects the option(s) for the answer(s) they wish to submit, then clicks the ‘respond’ button in the email – the answers are then sent back to the OBELISK, and feedback is provided.  As the user responds to the last of the series of questions in an assessment, an assessment attempt will be recorded for it, and will be visible in the normal activity reports.  An additional report is also available to users and supervisors/team leaders to show progress through the questions sent out, and allow users to access emailed questions that have been sent but not answered.

Sometimes it can be daunting to log in to a platform on a regular basis and undertake an assessment in one sitting.  Some people prefer to do “a little and often” instead.  This feature allows you to respond to questions on a regular basis without needing to do anything other than select your answer(s) and click “send” – helping to take the stress out of assessment.  It’s also a great way for supervisors to engage with reluctant users of the OBELISK, giving them a way of introducing people to the system gently.