Gifts & Hospitality

Supervisors can now create and manage their Gifts and Hospitality Register on the OBELISK.  After completing a simple initial setup – setting de minimus limits, and confirming the frequency of updates required – supervisors can then use the DevZone to gather information about Gifts and Hospitality offered, taken, or given.  When the register is due to be updated, uses will automatically be emailed requesting information or nil returns.  Supervisors will then be able to see who has responded, and the overall values of items received/given, as well as details about individual items.  They can lock responses for specific periods to prevent people from changing information previously submitted, and can export full and partial versions of the register as PDF documents for future reference.

Transparency and accountability are crucial to success in the current climate.  In order to demonstrate this, it is important that firms maintain an accurate and up to date Gifts and Hospitality Register covering all of their staff.  This exciting new module for the DevZone allows firms to do this using their existing user accounts, and keeping information in a single, secure yet easy to access location.  Nil returns are possible via a single click in an email, whilst detailed returns can be completed quickly and easily online.  Reports can be quickly downloaded in an easy to follow PDF format, taking the stress out of collating responses.