My Reading List

My Reading List allows organisation supervisors to upload documents that they want people to be able to access for reference, or that they want people to read and understand.  Individual documents can be restricted to one or more specific teams or individual users, or can be made available to the entire organisation.  To demonstrate that users have actually read the document, supervisors can also set a verification question – requiring either a short answer (text) response, or completion of multiple choice (2 or 4 answer) question.  Full reporting is also available showing who has been assigned specific material, and who has read it (including when they read it).

Have you ever handed out a briefing paper to a team and asked them to read it, then realised that the paper has been added to their in tray and got no further…?  If so, you’ll appreciate the verification feature that’s available as part of the My Reading List module.  Not only can you upload and assign documents for individuals or teams to read, you can also set a verification question to check that they have actually read it!  You can even upload the same document more than once, and assign it to different teams, using different verification questions for each team.