My Slides

Organisation supervisors can create HTML5 slideshows linked to topics in our course catalogue, for example, to explain internal policies or practises.  These can then be restricted to individual teams within their organisation, or shared with/hidden from everyone in their organisation.

Each organisation (or business unit on custom platforms) is totally separate from the others using the platform – they can create topics with identical names etc, and can create as many or as few as they wish.

Each presentation can have up to c100+ slides (although this is likely to be more than enough for most people), and can include transitions, text and images, and an overview showing all slides.  A standard slide design is also provided for use.  Presentations can only be edited by organisation supervisors.  When viewing, presentations open in new window that uses full screen.

Sometimes the material provided on learning platforms is not quite enough for your users – maybe your firm does something slightly differently, or maybe you’ve got a whole bunch of teams working for different clients who all have different sales scripts.  Whatever the reason, you can now add your own material to the platform, and can even restrict it’s availability to individual teams.