We have helped 1000s of businesses over the last 20 years

RWA is a business consultancy firm that has 6 core brands that all support each other. One of those brands, RWA e-Learning, has been building online learning and assessment solutions for over 13 years. We focus on the tried and tested model of formative learning, which is why our e-learning solutions are so good at helping identify learning needs and providing online learning solutions all whilst focusing on the learner and helping them engage with their personal and professional development.


We believe that online learning should be part of a bigger picture. Online learning will never replace face to face or on the job learning, but it will help you better allocate training budgets and manage the risks facing your employees or business. This is why it is so important that you choose an e-learning partner who will work with you using a consultative approach to understand your needs and who can design, build and manage a solution in house that will enhance the way you train and retain your best people.


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What e-Learning Means To Me


I am passionate about personal and professional development. By using online learning as a tool to engage with learning and improve competence then we can improve business outputs and individual motivation. At RWA, we have chosen a team who share in this culture and who understand how to deliver service and content in a format that works.


For the business and education world to remain sustainable in years to come then we should embrace the technology available and move away from 'death by slideshow' to a medium that allows learners to take ownership of their development, that allows them to question what they already know and develop their skills in an organic and engaging way.


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Tom Wood

CEO, RWA e-Learning