What Is e-Learning?

With the world going more and more digital, web based learning is becoming a tool that businesses and trainers can no longer live without. The traditional method of face to face training is becoming more expensive and businesses are finding that they can no longer afford to give staff time away from the office for a half day or full day.


E-learning is a convenient way for learners and staff to access quality material at any time of day. The material can be accessed form a learner’s desk in bite sized chunks, from their homes or even on the move with the increasing use of smart phones and tablets.


For supervisors, e-learning offers the opportunity to monitor the learner’s progress and identify where there may be gaps and possible risks to the business; and HR professionals can collate management information and KPIs to track staff progress.


The Development Zone incorporates criteria based rewards, meaning that staff can download certificates as evidence of assessment and learning and we can now offer Open Badges as a way for staff to earn badge rewards for their hard work which can be shared and used during staff appraisals or even to highlight to your customers the levels of achievement that your staff hold.


If you would like more information or to have a demonstration of what can be achieved with e-Learning then please sign up for a free trial today.